Oaxaca, Mexico

Dia De Los Muertos Eco-Retreat


Xoxocotlan, Oaxaca, Mex. 

Xoxocotlan, Oaxaca, Mex. 

Lucid Wild brings you the 4th annual 2 Week Healing-Adventure Retreat in the state of Oaxaca!!!  This trip peaks immediately in the Sierra Mountains with a mushroom ceremony, then descends with a guided exploration of Dia de Los Muertos week in Oaxaca City and neighboring towns, and releases with fun nature activities in the Oaxacan sea-foam green beach. This program is specially designed to release any trauma that you may be holding on to and re-set your heart chakra back to its natural high vibration at 639hz. We will guide you into the steps of your Ego Death. With Lucid Wild you will never stay in mainstream hotels and you can expect to stay away from anything commercial that could potentially distract you from the experience. This trip is in the Mixtec/Zapotec (Decendents of Toltecs) South Western region of Mexico and full of amazing history, vibrant art, native holistic arts, gentle humans, amazing nature, seriously delicious coffee, and delectable food (Say "Mole" 10 times fast!). With love and laughter, we will guide you through a journey that will enhance your current vision of the world.

Part 1- Huatla de Jimenez, Sierra Madre Mountains:

We will start in the home town of Maria Sabina, one of the most well known female Shamans of 20th Century Mexico. We will emerse ourselves with this little towns celebrations on the edge of a heavenly, misty (mysty) mountain. In this sanctuary located in the Mid Eastern Sierra Madre Mountains, you will:

-Visit and explore Native Holistic Living Practices

-Temazcal (Sweat Lodge Ceremony)

- Niños Santos (Sacred Mushroom) Ceremony with  Jasmin Casimiro (Daughter of Mama Julieta, part the 13 Indigenous Grandmother Collective).

-Town and nature tour
In these ceremonies, you will be guided in releasing all toxic energy that you, your soul, or your heart may be holding on too.

Part 2-Oaxaca City: as we descend from the high peaks of the enlightening mountain experience, we touch down in the ancient city of Oaxaca for a guided retreat that will introduce you to the metaphysical world where death is celebrated in a vibrant, dynamic way where you learn that it's not something you should be afraid of, but something we should be in relationship with. Included are:

-6 days of Yoga

-Home made mole from an indigenous grandmother in her home

-Exploring the city and the abundance of art

-Visit the Monte Alban pyramids 

-Hierve El Agua

-Learning native Zapotec/Mazotec holistic practices

-A Mexican food making experience

-An altar building workshop 

-Celebration of Dia de los Muertos in a music filled candle lit  cemetery (or 2).

Part 3- Mazunte Beach: As we transmute and  leave our past behind, you will be welcomed to a restful, pristine beach where you can often catch a glimpse of dolphins playing in the ocean and other sea life. We make a temporary home to Mazunte, a tiny town full of artists, Neo Hippies, Natives, Yogis, and other gentle eclectic beings that love art, life, and nature! We will enjoy ceremonial yoga classes, tropical music and dance, release of sea turtles, bioluminescent lagoon, snorkeling, local food, massages, unforgettable sunsets, warm water beaches, and so much more. This eden will allow us to enjoy our true human nature before coming back to our default world.


@lasecretacaprichosa - Mazunte

More Details: 

-Dates: Friday 10/26-Sunday 11/11 Two weeks total

-$3300+ Air Fare $600-$800 RT

-Adjustments for single rooms and special accommodations can be made.

-$1000 will reserve your spot. Balance due October 15, 2018.

-No refunds after 3 days, but transfers are acceptable.
-*Expect small tweaks/enhancements to the program as needed. 

Hope to see you there!!!!!


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